Cogan Station PA: Just Minutes from a Little League Players Mecca

With just about 5,700 residents, Cogan Station PA offers you small-town charm in a village that’s not too small. What’s more, the area surrounding Cogan Station Pennsylvania offers you a great cornucopia of things to see and activities to do. For example, just a 10-minute drive from Cogan Station PA lies Williamsport, home of the Little League Baseball Museum and the Little League Baseball World Series Stadium.

The Little Leaguer in your life (and the Leaguer who is now all grown up) can see and experience all manner of interactive exhibits and displays. Get your batting swing analyzed. Try your best at doing a play-by-play on the radio. Learn all the facts and trivia about Little League you could ever want to know. (For example, Little League is the largest organized sports program for young people in the world, with youngsters swinging for the bleachers in 70 countries.)

Since you’ve made the trip from Cogan Station Pennsylvania to see the museum, you owe it to yourself to visit the Howard J. Lamade Stadium – also known as the Little League Baseball World Series Stadium – just adjacent. Lamade Stadium has been home to the Little League World Series since 1959. It holds about 45,000 people and it wasn’t until 1992 that lights were added for night play.

Looking for some real culture as you venture from Cogan Station PA? Williamsport offers you the chance to taste some wonderful wine at the Bastress Mountain Winery. You can sample the wines, take a tour and see how this family-run winery turns grapes into the delicious vino.

Looking for a little time on the water? Williamsport is right on the Susquehanna River, and so why not take you and your family on the Hiawatha River Boat? This Hiawatha is a copy of the original, which was crushed by ice in 1914. With its open upper deck and enclosed lower deck, you can relax and enjoy the wonderful scenery as you glide along the river. You can even enjoy one of the Hiawatha’s theme cruises and sing your heart out with its karaoke machine.

Is skiing your pastime of choice? Then you must make the trip from Cogan Station Pennsylvania to the Sawmill ski resort. Sawmill offers 12 slopes and three ski lifts, as well as four tube slide runs with four lifts. Sawmill give you a drop of 515 feet and, for the expert skiers in your party, there are four black-diamond runs on which to hone your skills. For those of you who prefer to watch skiers ski from the comfort of the lodge, Sawmill has a café and coffee shop – perfect for grabbing that cup of hot cocoa.

As you can see, there’s just about something for everyone in your group in the Cogan Station PA area. We hope you’ll stop by for a visit soon. We look forward to seeing you!